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1. Homeopathy another way

Is an incredible documentary needed in the world of misleading and overflowing disingenuous information about homeopathy. It’s a rare movie that succeeds at showing the vast reach of homeopathy and its miracles in the field of human life, plants and animals and the correlation of what we feel at a sensation level . It fires thought provoking ideas as to what homeopathy is really capable of . Definitely a must watch for all homeopaths who want to feel drowned in awe and pride in their system of medicine. One of the best things in this documentary is how relatable it makes the usage of homeopathy in different fields of life seem. It seems viewing this will bring us closer to experiencing as well as experimenting the drugs given to us by Sir Hahnemann . As we also see drug trials taking place in this documentary. This movie has shown us cases from all across the fields , on animals like follow ups and cure of Luna -a horse suffering from melanoma , to preventing infestation in lands of palm trees , to being a complimentary help in radiation therapies of cancer patients . And scientists using electromagnetic rays to study molecular changes in the water after what seemingly should have been nothing as material dose is almost negligent. It shows the intelligent balance that homeopathy brings in epidemics and at an individual level . Going through the cases and getting to know the sensation method which gives us the idea of digging deeper into the core of the person to find a cure is truly breathtaking like the case of depression of Lara who was treated with drosera.