Want to become a Homeoapthic Gynaecologist

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Curriculum for this course
27 Lessons
17 Lessons
  • 2-2-Clinical Gynaecology -pelvic infections with Dr Ankesh Sahetya
  • 3-PCOD with Dr.Gaurang
  • 4-Labour cases with Dr.Rasal
  • 5-Endometriosis and Metrorrhagia with Dr.Gaurang
  • 6-Leucorrhea with Dr.Trupti Deorukhkar
  • 7-Dysmenorrhea with Dr.Gaurang
  • 8-Complicated pathological cases of Female genital tract with Dr.Sameer Upadhya
  • 9-Cervical CA with Dr.Gaurang Gaikwad
  • 10-Female health and nutrition with Dr.Amar Jagpal
  • 11-Emergencies in Gynaecological disorders with Dr.Amar Singh Nikam
  • 12-UTI with Dr.Aafreen Chunawala and MENOPAUSE with Dr.Sadaf Ulde
  • 13-Infertility with Dr.Daxa Vaishnav
  • 14-Fibroid with Dr.Kanika Sabharwal and Amenorrhea with Dr.Anum Zaheer
  • 15-cancer cases with Dr.Sunirmal Sarkar
  • 16-Pelvic inflammatory diseases with Dr.Manish Jagpal
  • 17-Nutrition and Yoga session
  • 18-session with Dr.Pradeep Kumar Gupta
  • 1-Introduction to Homoeopathic approach in Gynaecological cases with Dr.Gaurang.
  • 2-Clinical Gynaecology -pelvic infections with Dr Ankesh Sahetya
  • 3-PCOD with Dr.Gaurang
  • 4-Labour cases with Dr.Rasal
  • 5-Endometriosis and Metrorrhagia
  • 6-Leucorrhoea
  • 7-Dysmenorrhea with Dr.Gaurang
  • 22nd August-Cervical CA with Dr.Gaurang Gaikwad
  • Amenorrhea-Dr Anum Zaheer
  • 17-Nutrition and Yoga session
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Want to become a Homeoapthic Gynaecologist
Join the biggest Masterclass of 2022
Homeopathic Strategies in Female Disorders
It is one of its kind, exclusive,
online course of 20+ hours.
15 sessions

Early Bird Offer valid till 10th June 2022

Join Now!!
We are excited to announce the launch of a new webinar series Homeopathic Strategies in Female Disorders, commencing on 27th June 2022

Our Aim is to provide our participants with best knowledge, to equip them in treating/managing gynecological cases. The course mainly focuses on the classical aspect of Homeopathy and its practical aspect in treating female disorders.
Every Monday, 8 to 9:30 pm IST.

Eligibility -3rd and 4th year college students, interns, Md scholars and Practitioners

Key features:
Clinical Gynecology.
Homeopathic approach in Gynecology case- case taking points
Premature menopause/Post menopausal
Diseases of urinary symptoms
UTI  and urine incontinence
Infertility and sterility
Genital prolapse
Uterine fibroids
Breast Cancer

A certificate of completion will be provided to all students
Recordings for live session will be available

online on Zoom
Recordings also available on the website(www.drgauranggaikwad.com)


Interested Homeopaths/learners *join whatsapp group to know more about upcoming courses and webinar series by Dr Gaurang Gaikwad

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