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Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad is an accomplished homoeopathic practitioner and an internationally acclaimed teacher. Among the younger generation, Dr. Gaurang is one of the most popular teachers across India and the youngest homoeopath to be invited to Europe, to teach Classical Homoeopathy and Repertory. Dr. Gaurang’s approach is a blend of classical approach and advanced kingdom approach.

Dr. Gaurang comes from a rich heritage of doctors in the family, with both parents being Opthalmologists. Dr. Vijay Vaishnav, who was his first mentor initiated him into homoeopathy and provided fundamental training on Classical Homoeopathy in CMP Homoeopathic Medical College, Mumbai.

Dr. Gaurang considers Dr. Rajan Sankaran to be a huge inspiration and mentor. He has worked very closely with Dr. Sankaran on his world-renowned books including, Synergy in Homoeopathy, Synergy Synopsis and From Similia to Synergy and The Art of Follow Up. He is associated with ‘The Other Song Academy’, where he teaches students and works closely with Dr. Sankaran.

Dr. Gaurang has been closely associated with Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar from Kolkata. After his internship, he stayed with Dr. Sarkar for 7 months, where he learnt Bengali and studied homoeopathic approach in cancer cases and difficult irreversible pathological cases. Dr. Gaurang helped with the writing of 2 books of Dr. Sarkar, ‘Just You See’ and ‘Just You Think’.

Dr. Gaurang has recently published two books, ‘Decoding Mental Rubrics’ and ‘Materia Medica of NOSODES & SARCODES’. The book, ‘Decoding Mental Rubrics’ has now been translated into French. His new book, ‘Art of Repertorisation, Rediscovering Old & Forgotten Repertories’ is a leading-edge book on understanding different repertories. Many of the difficult acute cases have been collated in the book.

Dr. Gaurang has his private clinic in Matunga, Mumbai. Many homoeopaths from Europe come to his clinic to train in Clinical Homoeopathy. He has also been training homoeopaths all over India, Brazil, Switzerland, France, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Argentina, etc. through his webinars and online lectures. His passion for teaching has led him to various parts of the world through his YouTube Channel (Homoeopathic Hub) imparting and sharing his knowledge and experiences. He is actively involved in doing research work on Thyroid Disorders, PCOD, and Autoimmune disorders.

Recently was given Late Dr. Mahendra Singh Memorial National award for best teacher in Homeopathic Field - 2020 By Dr Mahendra singh Memorial Trust and Homeopathic science congress society , India


Dr Gaurang was privileged to be mentored by the masters of homoeopathy in India viz Dr Vijay Vaishnav, Dr Sunirmal Sarkar, Dr Rajan Sankaran, Dr LM Khan, Dr Subhash Singh and Late Dr Milind Rao.

Dr Gaurang was initially mentored by Dr Vijay Vaishnav who was his role model in his college days in CMP HMC Mumbai, India.

Late Dr Milind Rao and Dr Gopinath Menon mentored Dr Gaurang in understanding applied mind approach in Homoeopathy.

Dr Gaurang spent more than 7 months in West Bengal, learnt Bengali and studied at NIH under Dr Sarkar, Dr LM Khan and Dr Subhash Singh, and also, goes every year to spend a few days to study and teach in Kolkata.

Dr Gaurang is closely associated with Dr Sankaran, who till date remains his main mentor and guru.

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