Dr.Gaurang Gaikwad

is one of the most popular teachers among students over the globe and in the past few years has successfully trained hundreds of Homoeopaths through his online courses. He has found his own online teaching platform and has been successfully running courses for students, practitioners and Homoeopathic enthusiasts. The Academy of classical homeopathy, Mumbai provides a stepping stone for practical homeopathy, professors and homeopaths worldwide come together to teach and spread their learnings. Students can enroll to various certificate courses according to their needs right from basics to advanced Homeopathic studies.

Along with his practice and teachings, he has authored 5 books: Decoding mental rubrics, Materia Medica of nosodes and sarcodes, the Art of repertorization, Homeopathic strategies and maps for acute conditions and Value of Repertory, few of which are now translated into French, Portuguese and Russian. He has been awarded the National award for best teacher in Homeopathic Field.

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Connect to us for urgent, sudden and serious health issues, homeopathy can help along with allopathy and other medical procedures. Rapid cures are seen with homeopathy in acute and emergency cases.

E-learning Courses

Practical Course on Homoeopathy
Homoeopathical Strategies in Female Disorders

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Dr Gaurang Gaikwad

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Dr Gaurang Gaikwad (Author) | Review by Dr Anum Zaheer (MD)

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